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Google LOVES content, and the fresher and newer the content, the better it is to Google.

SEO Experts know that one great way to add fresh, ever-changing content to your WordPress blog is to use an RSS feed widget in your sidebar.

If you add a feed from another site or a news source that is related to your site’s topic, you’ll get new, fresh content automatically.

If you don’t have an RSS feed widget on your site, set that up now!

But wait…

Google loves something else too. In fact, what Google loves most is relevance.

Relevance is Google’s highest value, because if the search you do doesn’t bring up pages that are relevant to what you want, you’ll go look elsewhere for the information, and you’ll stop being a pair of eyeballs that Google can profit from.

And on your website, you want the content on each page to be RELEVANT to the topic of the page. That way, Google knows without a shadow of a doubt what your page is about…and what keywords it should rank you on page one for.

The more fresh, updated, and relevant content on your website — and on each page — the better. So, what you really want are RSS feeds that are RELEVANT to the pages you put them on.

And that’s a problem for the standard WordPress RSS plugin.

It can’t do that!

You see, there’s one flaw with the standard WordPress RSS widget. And that flaw is that every page is going to have exactly the same content.

(We’re sure you know that Duplicate Content Sucks!)

That means, on your sports site, every feed will have articles about the same miscellaneous sports stories, even though what you REALLY want is for your baseball pages to have stories about baseball, and your football pages to have stories about football, and your soccer pages to have stories about soccer.

Every day 1000’s of WordPress site owners insert an RSS feed in their sidebar because.

1. That’s why WordPress built the functionality..

2. SEO experts (even post Panda) suggest site owners add relevant sidebar rss news feeds to generate fresh “activity” on the site…

3. Google likes outbound links to relevant sites and topics.

THOUSANDS of news organizations and websites syndicate their content via RSS because they want traffic to their sites. One of the biggest of which is Google News

Do you think Google would prefer that you have the same exact sidebar RSS content on every single page?

Or do you think Google would prefer the sidebar RSS content was more highly relevant and targeted to the content of each page?

We must confess, this was not solely our idea.

The solution came about from our weekly mastermind call. We meet with a group of some of the smartest people in Internet marketing.

One of them is SEO Expert Nathan Anderson. And he said that if we can develop a way to get a unique, highly targeted RSS feed that are specific and different from page to page, he’d pay $500 for it in a heartbeat.

So, after weeks of design, testing and tweaking, we built a WordPress RSS Plugin to do what Nathan said Google would love.

And that’s why the Related RSS Plugin is so darn powerful.

It does for your WordPress Blog EXACTLY what Google wants to see. And if you use RRSS properly, you’ll have unique relevant content on each and every page on your site in just minutes.

And since each of your pages will be more narrowly focused, and more consistently updated, you’ll rank higher for the keywords you want to be found for.

With RRSS, you’ll get:

  • Unique and totally customizable RSS feeds on each page
  • More focused and relevant RSS feeds on each page
  • Site-targeted RSS feeds when your page-targeted feeds don’t have content.
  • The ability to open RSS feed links in new windows
  • The ability to control the character length of feed content
  • Customize your widget title based on keyword tags
  • Use Custom fields to easily add custom feeds to pages!
  • Don’t want feeds on specific pages?… Use our exclude ID feature.
  • Make Your RSS Feed Links No-Follow!

And what that means to you is that your Google Rankings should rise — almost automatically — because you’ve got new, current and extremely RELEVANT content on each and every one of your WordPress pages.

The RRSS plugin has a bunch of features you can configure in any number of ways, but setting up RRSS the first time is a SNAP.

If you know how to install a plugin on your WordPress blog and already use tags on your posts, you can setup our plugin in just a couple of minutes.. AND NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN.

It works automatically based on the tags in your posts!. What about pages you say? Just use our custom fields to create unique feeds..


“Anything Dan Does is AWESOME!”
–Greg Nemer


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“Installation and  set-up was really easy. I’ve also been impressed by the quick customer support that I’ve received after sending in an email regaridng the new-window bug, which already has been fixed.

We get constantly fresh, relevant RSS content for multiple sites and an additional revenue stream via the built-in affiliate program.

Quite an awesome deal.

Thanks Dan and Mark :-)”

–Marko Zirkovich


“Dan’s products are priced so well they are a complete no brainer. he is also ethical and privdes great support for each of his products.”

–K Marsh


“It is a brilliant idea…Got it and implemented…



“The content from the RSS feeds is spider-readable, unlike some other content supplying options.”


We’re now at Version 1.9 which includes our “ACME Tag” for even more targeted feeds.   We’ve sold over 2000 copies of Related RSS AND…. our refund rate is less than 1%!

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