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Download Latest Version 1.6
Let’s get started and get the Related RSS Plugin working for you.

Here are the super-simple, 10 second instructions:

1) Download the plugin above

– Version 1.6 fixes the RSS news path for Bing, which they recently changed.

– Version 1.5 adds the “ACME Tag” and a few other features..  learn more here.

2) Then upload via Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard and activate.

Want more details? Then go here:

For Support try our Support page.



On some of plugins we utilize an authentication system which requires a username and password.

Although it will take  a couple of extra minutes of setup time, this step is important to insure only our customers use the plugins.  When prompted please register for accounts and for convenience, use the same username/password combination.   Using the same username/password will make it easier to authenticate the plugins and begin using them.

Related Ads Plugin 

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Selected RSS Plugin

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ACME Inspirator

Click Here To Download ACME Inspirator

Google Webmaster Tools

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Bounce Rate

Click Here To Download Bounce Rate Plugin. Once installed goto Plugin > Settings > Bouncerate to complete install.


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