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What does the Related RSS Plugin do?

The Related RRSS Plugin is designed to increase your SEO rankings, and therefore deliver more visitors to your site. Here’s how. Google wants sites to be valuable resources to people interested in specific topics. The more relevant your site is to a keyword or topic, the more that Google will be eager to rank you high for that keyword or topic, and rank you highly as a result.

One of the measures of a “relevant” website is the freshness and relevance of the content on each page. The more targeted the content, the more clear it is to Google what your page is about. The fresher the content — which means that the content has been updated recently — the more important Google believes it to be.

The Related RSS plugin satisfies exactly these two of Google’s requirements.

Does the Related RSS Plugin take traffic away from my site?

Strictly speaking, the plugin is designed to raise your rankings and get you higher rankings and more traffic. You might ask “but if the RRSS plugin puts outbound links on my site, isn’t that BAD?” And the answer is no, it’s not bad. Google hates sites that are dead ends. A “real” web site will have links both in and out of it, and all through it.

If you have a site with lots of inbound links and no outbound links, Google’s “dead end” flag gets raised, and your site is ranked lower. If you don’t believe me, just check the rankings for Wikipedia, Yelp, YP.com, Facebook…the list goes on. They ALL have outbound links, because that is what a helpful, real website has.

So, will people follow your new RSS links and leave your site? Sure. A very tiny percentage will do that. Will that be bad for your site? It’s VERY unlikely, especially if you put the feed near the bottom of your sidebar.

If you’re still not convinced, look at it this way. Would you pay a dollar to make ten dollars? I bet you would. Would you give up 1 visitor to gain 10 visitors? My answer to that is YES as well. It should be your answer, too.

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