The Related RSS Plugin is designed to increase the SEO juiciness of your WordPress blog. It works by displaying a different RSS feed on each page of your website, and each of those feeds is exactly related to the contents of the page it’s on.

So why use the Related RSS Plugin?

  • Your site will have more new, updated content
  • All of the dynamic content is directly relevant to your page’s topic
  • Google LOVES new, fresh, relevant content, and so your rankings will increase.
  • So exactly what is in the Related RSS Plugin? Well, you’ll find that it’s rockin’ these features:
  • Ability to select any of the four most popular feeds, including Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News and Topix.
  • Manually add any valid, custom RSS feed you choose.
  • Choose any topic for your “default” feed
  • Set any page’s or post’s feed to any keyword using Custom Fields
  • Automatically reads each page or post’s tags and fetches a feed for exactly those keywords.
  • Show your default feed for category pages and other pages you don’t set specific keywords for.
  • Affiliate program so you can spread the word and make money doing it.
  • A widget you can place on any sidebar area
  • Title your widget
  • Decide which pages or posts will not have a Related RSS feed
  • Choose how many news items to display in your feed
  • Choose how much text you want to show for each news item.
  • Choose to display the item author, item date
  • Set your links to open in the same window or a new window.

Download the Related RSS Plugin now

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