Why you should use TAGS on your blog

You probably noticed that the keyword that each post’s feed is built from is actually the first TAG on that page.

Are you using tags on your posts?

If not, you should. To hear our friend (and world famous SEO expert) Nathan Anderson explain it, tags are “really, really good for SEO.”

That’s because when you use tags, and those tags are displayed on your posts, then you’ve got a link on your page with some very specific anchor text that points to your pages. And as you know,
that kind of relevant internal linking helps Google know what your page is about, and helps you rank higher.

acmetagSo, if you haven’t yet started using tags, just go from post to post and type in a few keywords into the “Post Tags Field” (right side of the Edit Post page, below Categories). Separate each tag
with a comma, and click Update.


If you want to set a SPECIFIC tag, just use our ACME Tag Box


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